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Let's Get Real...

  • If you’ve become a version of yourself you don’t even recognize, and judge yourself for an overscheduled and largely unfulfilling life, you likely have buried all the dreams you entertained before unwittingly succumbing to the trappings of modern day living.
  • If your heart frequently reminds you of former dreams and even inspires you with new ones, yet you ignore the communication and make yourself feel better by justifying your life, I have good news for you…you are not alone.

    This was me a few years ago and I finally made the commitment to redefine and redesign my life.

Give yourself permission
to let me assist you do the same.

In your heart you know you are a unique, divine and intuitive individual.

- You know you know the answers to the questions you contemplate, yet choose not to take heed for one reason or another.

- You know you have to be willing to be vulnerable, transparent, and take personal responsibility if you want to shift out of feeling stuck and become the person you dream about (or live up to the one you committed to being in the past).

I am not telling you anything you don’t already know—but knowing is not enough. You must know how to apply what you know in practical ways, then actually do it. And therein lies the common cycle people get stuck in—knowing what to do but not doing it, then judging themselves for knowing better but not taking action. If reading this makes you squirm, you are ready …don’t look away this time. Read on…

Let me assist you. I will share tools and wisdom from my corporate successes, entrepreneurial experiments, and personal journey of self-realization.

Conversations with me will be refreshing and leave you more connected to your intuitive, authentic self—and more importantly—empowered to hold yourself accountable for actions that foster positive and life affirming transformation.


Jennifer is a unique blend of intellectual and intuitive excellence.
She is efficient, competent, dependable and driven. Blend these attributes with a wonderful sense of humor and personal magnetism and you have a teacher who is truly one in a million.
I whole-heartedly recommend her and attest to her expertise.

Laura Nash, CEO, Tuning In, LLC

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