I believe:

  • Our hearts are more intelligent than our brains
  • Our thoughts create our reality
  • Our intuition matters
  • Our quest for perfection, habits of distraction, and efforts to be in control increase anxiety levels
  • Our stories inform, inspire, and strengthen us; they should not define us
  • Our personal fulfillment is directly influenced by the love, respect, and trust we have for ourselves; the path may get bumpy at times, but once we arrive, there is no turning back!
  • We benefit from support as we transform into better versions of ourselves
  • We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for

It doesn't matter what got you here;

what matters is what will get you there.

Conversations with Jennifer

Humanity is at a point in time where it is no longer enough to simply know. In order to become the true and aligned version of yourself, you must know HOW. When we learn together, we rise together.

These are the strategic needle movers that support the fullest expression of my true and aligned self. In our conversations, you will deepen their application so you can lean in to yours.

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    Resiliency & Energy Management

    Like you, I’ve had experiences in life that have derailed me, tested my fortitude, and steered me to crossroads at times. I had to learn that my ability to handle stressful situations is dependent on my resilience and energy (hint: they are connected!). Now as a certified Building Personal Resilience coach and Activating the Heart of Teams Facilitator with the HeartMath Institute, I teach others how to develop their capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress and adversity in order to sustain composure and balance during daily challenges.

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    1:1 Coaching

    Imagine having a thought partner—a confidante— who listens to you deeply, who provokes you to think differently and inspires you to take actions to get unstuck, so you start maximizing your potential. I am grateful that 1:1 coaching has done just that for me…so much so I am now a certified coach.

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    Studies abound about what is considered by the medical community to be the simplest and most natural way to reduces stress, improve sleep, expand intuition, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and create a stronger sense of well-being (all with no side effects). These are just a few of many more research validated physical and mental benefits that I can honestly say made a difference in my life…so much so I am now certified to teach meditation.